Everyone Loves a Party

Everyone loves a party, but it seems everyone loves a Super Bowl party even if they don’t like football. This is a great occasion to get together with family (maybe), and friends (probably). However, have you ever considered that this could be a time to make new friends? There probably are people in your neighborhood, church, work, or parents from your kids’ school that do not have plans, but they would come if you invited them. Maybe use this occasion to expand your friendships, particularly to people that you may have wanted to get to know but never could make it happen. Now is the time!

Now for the party.

If you do not have a large television or two smaller ones viewable from your living area, move to the largest room or maybe even outside (if you’re one of the lucky ones that live where it is warm).

Now for the food.

Consider the usual suspects: lots of chips and dips on the menu. Sodas, iced tea, juice drinks, and of course the alcoholic beverage of your choice can fit in tubs of ice. But from there, try to make it as unique to your style as you can. If you are a foodie make some things that you enjoy. If you are not, then go to the store and there are all kinds of prepared items available.

Breaking out the barbecue is always a good idea even if it’s cold outside. Make some burgers, hot dogs, sausages, or if you want, smoke a pile of ribs or that Southern favorite—brisket. People love ribs and brisket, but it is not something they often make themselves. There will always be some that want chicken, so throw a few legs, thighs, and white meat on the grill as well.;

It’s a smart idea to talk with the people that you invite to see if they have any particular allergies or eating issues. If you go out of your make to make some things that will work for them, you’ll win the hosting prize. The entire idea of a party like this is to gain new friends and create an environment for everyone in the room to have a good time and want to come back next year.

Now, this may seem strange since it is a football game that is the reason for the party, but remember, not everyone likes football! They are actually there for the people. So, if you have board games or card games in the cupboards, take them out and stack them on a table. Some guests will take advantage of those as well. If you do not have games, find out if your any of your friends do and ask them to bring one or two along.

Deserts are a great finish to the day, so have some pies, cupcakes, ice cream or cookies available. Remember, you don’t have to supply all of it. Most often, people are happy to bring stuff, so if they offer, let them. One final point: have available a couple of boxes of baggies, so when people are ready to leave, you can offer them some of the food to take home. Most people like free food, so you can probably get most of the food taken care of, and you won’t have to eat it for the next two weeks.

Create a great environment to make new friends, build old ones and that people look forward to coming to again. If your house doesn’t work for a large group this year, start looking for one now for next year—ask your real estate agent about open house events so you can start seeing what’s available.